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QTurkey is a communication and collaboration network for quantum technologies related activities in Turkey. We organize “Introduction to Quantum Programming” workshops, work on generation and dissemination of popular science content in Turkish, hold study groups and meetings for interested students in related topics, and act as a gathering ground for quantum-enthusiasts on the country level.

Our Mission


The transformation process that will come with quantum technologies is often compared by experts to a marathon rather than a 100-meter run. For this reason, it is of great importance that young people are excited about this issue and that they can be included in this process beyond being an ineffective follower, as well as including those who are currently in charge in the field. We aim for a society that is exposed to the transformations and has no choice but to behave reactively, and that is prepared within its means and that will gain the maximum benefit in this process. For this reason, as QTurkey, we are already continuing both informative and educational activities to enrich the knowledge and skills of properly oriented young people in this field.

Technological transformation processes take place too quickly to keep up with bureaucratic structures, and established institutions mostly participate in the developments as a follower from behind. On the contrary, movements starting from civil society can act quickly and serve as a suitable environment for sharing the information that experts will need. Another of our aims as QTurkey in this field is to create a community where those who are interested in quantum technologies in Turkey can come and be a part. In Turkey, the word “quantum” has been filled with quite wrong concepts.

As QTurkey, we believe it is essential to create “correct” awareness on this issue. We have a vision of awareness based on projections based on scientific facts and actual achievements that will neither create unnecessary excitement nor ignore the developments in the field. For this reason, we strive to create a Turkish content repository that is produced or controlled by experts who have a good command of the technical background of the field. In addition, we strive for the active use of social media to ensure that everyone concerned is aware of both local and global developments. Finally, we are aware that it will be of great importance for institutions to reach the right information and guidance at the point they request, especially when the “transformation” effort begins. For this purpose, we are conducting studies both to respond to requests to the extent of our own knowledge when necessary, and to convey developments in quantum technologies to experts in their fields so that they can access this information. Except for some strategic institutions in Turkey, there is not a wide interest in this subject, but it is clearly seen that this interest is emerging gradually. While there is no “information market” that will allow misinformation traders to reproduce, we believe in the importance of making the right information ‘cheap’ that can be used even at the institutional level and making it accessible to everyone.

Our Structure


As QTurkey, we are based on a participatory model that is entirely voluntary. We are aware that the full volunteerism model is not sustainable, given the importance and commercial potential of the field. Therefore, we are evaluating different ways to transition to the semi-volunteer model.

QWorld (Association) is a non-profit global organization that brings quantum computing researchers & enthusiasts together. Our main goal is to popularize quantum technologies and software. Also, through education and skill development opportunities, QWorld is training the next generation of quantum scientists.

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