By December 2022, we have organized 5 hackathons and 1 quantum coding challenge on quantum technologies with different focuses. The aim of organizing these hackathons was to energize the participants and increase awareness on the readiness levels of different quantum technologies by enabling the participants to develop actual projects with practical applications in the near term.

You can find all the booklets prepared so far which consists of information regarding different fields of quantum tehcnologies and the projects that were completed successfully during the hackathons


Ankara, 14-15 Dec 2019140489
Online, 10-11 Oct 20201485618
Online, 26-27 Dec 20201576720
Online, 3-4-5 Sept 202165232
Ankara, 1-2 Oct 2022752110
İzmir, 30 Oct 202232155
İstanbul, 26 Nov 202329228

To read more about each hackathon, please click on the posters.