By June 2021, we have organized 3 hackathons on quantum technologies with different focuses. The aim of organizing these hackathons was to energize the participants and increase awareness on the readiness levels of different quantum technologies by enabling the participants to develop actual projects with practical applications in the near term.

You can find all the booklets prepared so far which consists of information regarding different fields of quantum tehcnologies and the projects that were completed successfully during the hackathons


Ankara, 14-15 Dec 2019140489
Online, 10-11 Oct 20201485618
Online, 26-27 Dec 20201576720
Online, 3-4-5 Sept 202165232
Ankara, 1-2 Oct 2022752110

Hackathon on Applications of Quantum Technologies (Oct 14-15, 2019)

This was our first hackathon focusing on quantum games, quantum finance, quantum machine learning, quantum cryptography and cyber security. The event aimed to bring together people who are interested in developing quantum programming and want to meet this field through project-based learning.

The total amount of awards under the combined sponsorship was 6.250 TL.

You can have a look at the booklet that was shared with the participants before the hackathon from here and check the developed projects from here. A blog post in Turkish about the hackathon is available in the following link.

Main Sponsors: METU Technopolis – Unitary Fund – Redeye


KTHACK 2020 Quantum Technologies Hackathon (Oct 10-11, 2020)

We expanded our 2nd Hackathon to cover all quantum technologies and sub-sections. Awards were given in 3 main categories in the Hackathon:

  • Academic / Scientific Studies
  • Industrial / Technological Solutions
  • Training and Education Materials

The total amount of awards in 3 categories under the sponsorship of PAVOTEK was 10.000 TL.

You can check the booklet that was prepared for the participants to provide information in various fields of quantum technologies from here. There were presentations from experts in the field on various subjects before the hackathon which you can access through this link. Presentation of the teams joining the hackathon can be accessed from here and the final booklet containing the information about the winning projects is available here.


QOyun 2020 Quantum Games Hackathon (Dec 26-27, 2020)

QOyun 2020 aimed to bring together game developers, designers and quantum technologies enthusiasts. We organized the event Let’s Talk Quantum Games before the hackathon which you can watch using the following link.

The total amount of awards under the sponsorship of Monster Gaming Lab was 10.000TL.

You can check the final booklet which includes information about the winning project using this link