QPrep Preparation for Quantum Programming Workshops

 QPrep is a series of workshops where the requirements for learning quantum programming are covered.In this training, which aims to prepare the participants for QBronze or an equivalent training, the introductory part of the Bronze material (Python Review, Basic Math) is covered.


As of November 25, we have completed this event for the first time.

Online, 22-25 November 20211846332

QBronze Introduction to Quantum Programming Workshops

QBronze is our introductory level workshop series using the Qiskit framework provided by IBM. It covers the basic concepts of quantum programming and computing. We use the Bronze material prepared by QWorld in our workshops.


The workshop content includes:

  • Basics of classical systems (Probabilistic bits, coin-flipping, biased coins, probabilistic states, and probabilistic operators)
  • Basics of quantum systems (Quantum programs as circuits: registers, gates, measurements, execution, and reading the outcomes, quantum state and operators)
  • Quantum operators on a quantum bit
  • Entanglement and basics quantum protocols
  • Grover’s Search algorithm

By December 3, we have organized 17 workshops and handed out 563 diplomas. 

Ankara, 3-4-5 May1493316
İstanbul, 19-20-21 July280227
Ankara, 2-3-4 August602111
Ankara, 20-21-22 September101166
İstanbul, 4-5-6 October120194
Konya, 9-10-11 November513012
İstanbul, 6-7-8 December2073612
Ankara, 22-23 Feb 2020156205
İstanbul, 7-8 March 2020761616
Online, 2-3-9-10 May 2020111134
Online, 28 Sept – Oct 2 20202898826
Online, 16-21 Nov 20202505017
Online, 8-13 March 20211523429
Online, 8-13 March 20211554116
Online, 26 April – May 1 20211905620
Online, 28 June – July 11 202163248
Online, 29 November – December 3 20212244420

Q# Workshops

Q# is a quantum programming language developed by Microsoft, partly modeled after C#. In collaboration with Microsoft Turkey, Microsoft Quantum, and Global Shapers Community Ankara Hub we have organized a trainers training workshop with the Microsoft Quantum team in Seattle, and the participants of that workshop later organized their own workshops in Turkey. 

Nine Q# workshops were organized between 20th of Feb – 30th of May. 159 participants completed the workshops (which required completion of homework assignments and attending the lectures). In total, 10 instructors completed the “Trainers Training” program by successfully running their own workshops using the Q# material.

Online, 20-21 Feb 2021146
Online, 15-18 Mar 2021269
Online, 29 Mar – 1 Apr 2021207
Online, 3 – 4 Apr 202162
Online, 15-18 Apr 20213011
Online, 3-6 May 2021113
Online, 9-12 May 2021126
Online, 20-23 May 2021125
Online, 27-30 May 2021287