We believe that raising quantum awareness among high school students is crucial, regarding the recent developments in the field of quantum technologies. To serve this purpose, we are organizing various events targeting high school students.


Türkiye Kuantum Öğreniyor

Türkiye Kuantum Öğreniyor is the project aiming at high school teachers. This was an eight weeks quantum physics training for high school teachers. Lectures were delivered by Dr. Göksenin Şen and the event was sponsored by Yapı Kredi Teknoloji. Around 70 teachers from all around Turkey followed the lectures and 16 teachers also contributed to the “Quantum Physics for High School Students” project.

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Lise Öğrencileri İçin Kuantum Fiziği

This is a series of 4-day events organized for high school students. 16 teachers who completed the training program for high school teachers contributed to this event. In 2022, 4 events were organized and 319 students completed the training and 60% of the participants were women.


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22-25 August 20228548
5-8 September 20228867
10-13 October 20225730
24-27 October 20228956

Quantum Club

Quantum physics training for high school students, which Prof. Dr. Alexander Lvovsky has been organizing for years, is now in Turkey.  This program, where students work with the materials provided by Prof. Dr. Alexander Lvovsky and hold weekly meetings with mentors from QTurkey, targets high-achieving high school students. Upon successful completion of the program, students will have a chance to request a letter of reference from Prof. Dr. Alexander Lvovsky!

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Kuantum Eğitimi