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Please find the call for papers for a planned special issue of NanoEthics: Studies of New and Emerging Technologies below. We would appreciate it if you can help us spread the word. Thank you in advance for your time and interest.

Title: The Second Quantum Revolution

In this special issue/section, we aim to collect studies on the Second Quantum Revolution using historical, sociological, political, ethical, philosophical, or other methods.

Quantum theory as a part of modern physics has been utilized for more than a century, and the first quantum revolution has brought forward multiple inventions such as lasers, MRI devices, atomic clocks, and transistors. These first waves of quantum technologies play a considerable role in our contemporary economic and social lives. Starting from the 1980s and the formulation of Quantum Information Science, there has been a second wave of quantum technologies, such as quantum cryptography/communication, quantum computation, quantum metrology/sensing, and quantum simulation. Especially after the popularization of quantum computers in recent years, and the launching of several public national/regional funding initiatives, quantum technologies and this whole notion of the Second Quantum Revolution have become phenomena to be investigated.

Given the increasing salience of this topic and the dearth of research on it, we are looking for texts that can help illuminate the field and what it means in any number of contexts. The newness of this field also adds to the urgency of this call for papers—there is an opportunity to shape the field and potentially prevent the pitfalls experienced by other modern technologies in recent years. We feel that social science–sociological, political, ethical, and philosophical studies has much to contribute to the understanding and shape of this field.

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